Trails are usually groomed on Friday (as conditions allow) in preparation for the weekend.

You can also check for skier reports at SkinnySki.  Or, learn about other trails at Northwoods Wisconsin.

You can also check the National Weather Service's snow-depth page.


Trail groomed and tracked for the weekend. Conditions are very good, but a little litter on the trail until we get more snow. Hopefully we get the forecasted snow on Monday. Get out and enjoy, Winter is winding down.

2018.02.03 Conditions

We reset track and firmed up the skate deck on Friday so dress up warm and get out to enjoy the outdoors. See you on the trails and hopefully at the meeting Monday evening at 6:00PM.

2018.01.28 GROOMED AGAIN

We had a very successful Candle light last night, and thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the evening. We cleaned up everything this morning along with the trail, so come out and enjoy some great skiing.  All trails groomed and tracked and should be quite firm on Monday.

2018.01.25 Candle Conditions

Trail was groomed this morning in preparation for the warm weather on Friday and the Candlight on Saturday. Trail is in excellent condition so get out and enjoy the warm weather and the great skiing. We deserve this after Dec and early Jan. See you on the trails.


Finally a real snow event to report! The trail was groomed this morning. We went over the trail twice to get it to firm up for you freestyle skiers. Track set great and we will be going over it again on Thursday to get ready for the warm up the next day. Should be great weather for the Candlight on Saturday evening so we will see you there.

2018.01.18 WINTER WARM UP

 All the trails have been groomed in anticipation of the heat wave coming over the next few days. Trail is in excellent condition and should stay that way with the freezing temps at night. Get out an enjoy the outdoors, it don't get no better.

2018.01.16 NEW SNOW

Trails were completely groomed Monday evening after our little snow storm of the week. Track was reset so classical should be solid. Deck with the new snow should be a little soft with a solid deck under. Conditions are excellent and the temps couldn't be better. We are having a night ski tonight (Tuesday) at 6:00 from the Chalet. Everyone is welcome, and we usually go out for a sandwich and a libation afterwards. See you on the trails.


We just finished grooming the trail for the Holiday weekend. The new snow was just enough to get the trail in excellent condition. Deck looks level and firm, and the track should firm up great with the cold temps. Dress warm, stay out of the wind, and get out and enjoy the Great Outdoors.


2018.01.09 CONDITIONS

Complete trail was groomed Tuesday afternoon. The track is great and the deck is firm and level. Best shape we have been able to get it in this year. There is a little bit of litter from the wind but not much. come enjoy before the big snow on Thursday.

2018.01.07 Regroom

We combed the trail again Saturday evening to clean it up for Sunday. Without more snow it is difficult to get a clean track set, so pray for more snow and we will get out there to make the skiing excellent again.

2018.01.04 Conditions

Trail was groomed this morning even with the little bit of new snow we had. Conditions are very good and any snowcover we get after this will be groomed in again. Base has held up good, and deck is firm. Come out and enjoy the warmer conditions this weekend.

2017.12.23 HAPPY HOLIDAY!

We regroomed the trails for the weekend in anticipation of the cold weather to come over the Holiday. Deck should be good and firm and a good track was set. Conditions should be very good. If it gets windy stay in the trees for protection from the cold temps. Snowshoe trail is packed down and should be easy to follow. Happy Holidays, and see you on the trails.


We were out and re-groomed the trails this morning in anticipation of some snow before the Holiday weekend. Track was set and hopefully the freestyle surface will set up a little harder than after the last snow. Still watch for ice on the swamp crossings but everywhere else seems to have come out as good as can be expected at this time of the season. See you on the trail.


All trails were groomed today after a good rolling down yesterday.  With the added snow last night it was possible to get out and groom with the Gator today.  Track was set and should hold up well for this time of the season, but look out for a few wet spots on the swamp crossings.  Cold temps tonight and the rest of the week should firm these spots up.  Incredible shape for this time of year so come out and get some early skiing in before all your company shows up.  Then just bring them along.