Trails are usually groomed on Friday (as conditions allow) in preparation for the weekend.

You can also check for skier reports at SkinnySki.  Or, learn about other trails at Northwoods Wisconsin.

You can also check the National Weather Service's snow-depth page.

2019.02.14 Prepare for the Weekend

The trail is completely groomed after the 10" of snow we received this week. Everything has been gone over at least 2 time and some sections 6 to firm up the deck for the skaters. May still be a little soft but with these conditions it couldn't be better. Track set deep and firm so the classic skiing couldn't be better. See you on the trail.

2019.02.12 TRAIL REPORT

The Turtle River Pursuit is all over and the trail has been groomed and tracked and in excellent condition. Last weeks 8" of snow groomed into one of the nicest decks we have had in years. The only excuse for not getting out on the MECCA Ski Trail would have to be, just too lazy.  We are having another snow event today and we will be out getting it groomed as soon as we see the end.  See you on the trail.

2019.02.11 -- YAY!

Yay!  The login works again!

2019.02.05 Race Prep

The snow of yesterday was groomed in today and the results are excellent. Both track and deck seemed to bond to the icy base great. We are looking forward to another snow event on Thursday and will be out grooming it early on Friday in preparation for the Turtle River Pursuit on Saturday. I believe conditions will be fantastic for the two day event so bundle up those skis and head up to MECCA for the first leg. See you on the trail.

2019.02.01 Banner Weekend

Just in time for the warmer spring like conditions we will have this weekend, the trail was groomed and tracked to excellence on Friday. Come and enjoy the break in temps and get out and ski or snowshoe. Remember only one more week till the Turtle River Pursuit. The trail will remain open until Friday the 8th in the afternoon when we will start getting the trail ready for the race on Saturday the 9th. We will reopen right after the race, probably by 1:30.

2019.01.25 Deep Freeze

We were out and groomed today even with the deep freeze coming.  Trail came out excellent with good deep tracks and a super fast hard deck. So no excuses not getting out and skiing, but bundle up.  Don't forget the Candlite on Saturday evening starting at 5:00 PM  

2019.01.22 BIG? SNOW

All trails have been groomed and tracked following the BIG? snowstorm of yesterday. Conditions are excellent so get those skies waxed up and get out an enjoy these beautiful sunny days. Don't forget the Candlight this Saturday. See you on the trail.

2019.01.18 Bundle Up

Bundle up and get out on the trails. The classical track is in great shape and the skating lanes have been touched up this morning. When your done stop at the Chalet for some hot chocolate or tea and a few fresh cookies. Don't forget the Candlite next weekend or the Turtle River Pursuit in February.
See you on the trails!

2019.01.11 Excellent Conditions

Once again our great crew was out battling the elements to bring everyone some of the best skiing in Northern Wisconsin. Trail was totally groomed with new tracks set and is in excellent condition for the weekend. Those of you up here for the SISU, check MECCA out for a much more leisurely ski on your way home, with a nice warm chalet to relax in for those that don't feel like skiing.

2019.01.08 Great Conditions

With the latest snowfall, all we had to do is wait for the temps to drop and we got out and groomed the trail system. Conditions are very good to excellent, but the wind was howling while grooming so expect some drifting in the open areas. We will be re grooming before the weekend so get out and cut up the trail this week.

2019.01.02 Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, and with the new year we got a little more snow for the trail. Trail has been groomed and tracked this morning and ready for a great winter of skiing. Some rough spots are still out there, but as a whole the trail is in great shape. Anyone interested in learning more about skiing contact Fe University which will be giving a lesson on January 3rd. See you on the trail!


It's official, the trail has been completely groomed and tracked after the snow/rain event of early this week. The temps dropped sufficiently enough to groom the wet snow that was on the trail. We received about 3" of snow but with the rain mixed in there was an ice layer to try to bust up and lay down. With that the trail is in good condition with a few areas of grass still showing, and some puddles have come up through the grooming, so be careful as these freeze. Keep leaving sacrifices to Heinke Lunta to bring more snow. See you on the Trail.


Merry Christmas everyone hope you had a great Holiday. Looks like we may get our Christmas wish starting Wednesday evening. Lets all keep our fingers crossed and go out to talk to Heki Lunta to get the snow event they are calling for. We will get out and pack as soon as it comes and will hopefully have the trails in excellent condition by the weekend. See you on the trail!


We have been out and rolled the trail, opened the gates and even combed the surface last night.  The surface is skiable but don't expect anything close to perfect out there.  We have not set a track but skiers have been out and say it is great early season skiing.  New maps have been put up and they will show the new 1/2 mile extension on Spruce Hills.  Check it out and let us know what you think.  Have fun out there but be careful the ground is very hard under the thin snow cover.

2018.12.05 -- TRAIL UPDATE

We have started working on the trails.  They have been rolled to start the base and freeze the swamp crossing.  Please be careful if you use the trails before we have officially opened them.