2012.03.19 -- HAPPY SPRING

Spring came early this year and the snow is nearly gone.  It's amazing how fast it went.  We had June temperatures last week.  Thanks for all the support, and we'll see you next winter.

And, thanks again for all the grooming, Gary.

2012.03.03 -- GET OUT AND SKI

Regroomed the trail today to remove all the groomer sits marks from the other day. With the cold temps it should set up better than ever. Get out there and enjoy the winter before the warm weather comes. Don't forget the POT LUCK on the 11th in the afternoon. Come to ski at 1:00 and eat at 3:00. Bring a dish and come and tell stories.

2012.03.02 -- GOOD AS IT GETS

After two days of grooming the trail is tracked and groomed. Track looks great but the poling may a bit soft until the temps drop to firm things up. Spruce Hills is packed but not tracked due to fear. Look for major groomer sits marks along trail to see how much fun the groomers had. Take off your skis and step off the trail to get a real feel of the amount of snow.

2012.02.29 -- LEAP DAY STORM

Snow!  We are currently getting the biggest snowfall of the winter.  Weather radar is off the scale!  Woke up to eight-ish inches.  I'm sure the groomers will get out as soon as they can to pound the trails into shape for the weekend.


Trail groomed this morning completely. Looks to be in beautiful condition. There will be a Evening Ski on Tuesday at 6:00. Bring a headlamp and some food to throw on the grill.


Grooming after the new snow yesterday has made the trails excellent again. Get out there and burn up the trails.

2012.02.19 -- GOOD SKIING

We skied the east side today.  Conditions were good, even though the temperature went up over 40 degrees.  The current forecast is for snow on Tuesday.

2012.02.10 -- EXCELLENT SKIING

The whole trail system was groomed up today after the little bit of Lake effect from last night and could not be in better condition. So get out there and bundle up and enjoy before Old Man Winter leaves us for another year.

2012.01.27 -- WEEKEND GROOMING

Trails have been completely groomed for the weekend and in very good condition. Get out and ski and see you by Candle Lite on Saturday.


We were on the trails on Friday getting it ready for everyone to ski the weekend. It looks beautiful so get out and ski. Don't forget those donation boxes.

2012.01.15 -- GOOD CONDITIONS

All trails groomed and tracked after the new snow on Thursday and Friday. Trails are in GOOD condition and are now flat and level. Next snow will bring even better results, but get out there and enjoy.

2012.01.14 -- GROOMED LAST NIGHT

We went out and skied today.  Trails were great!  The guys groomed last night to make sure they had time to set before the big weekend rush.  We met a handful of people out skiing.

2012.01.12 2 -- GROOMING

Snow continued all day, adding up to about five inches in Mercer.  The Moose and Wolf loops were groomed today.  Snow might continue overnight, with more grooming to come tomorrow.

2012.01.12 -- SNOW !!!

A couple inches fell overnight, and it's been snowing all day!  There should be more than enough to cover the concrete-ice base.  I'm sure trails will be groomed tonight or tomorrow.

We are under a Winter Storm Watch until Friday morning.  The wind is 10-15 mph from the north, bringing a bunch of lake effect snow.  The Weather Service expects 6-12 inches before the storm is done.

2012.01.07 -- TRAILS ARE GOOD

Trails were groomed Thursday night for a high school race Friday afternoon.  Trails were groomed again Friday night after the race.

There were a couple days at 40° this week, but it should be below freezing this weekend.  Get out there and ski!

2012.01.04 -- AUTOTWEET

The server now autoTweets new Conditions posts.  Follow them <HERE>.

2012.01.01 -- HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

Four-to-six inches of nice snow fell overnight.  We took out the roller and groomer just before noon today.  Fitz rolled the Bluebird, Osprey, Moose, Wolf, Cabin, Birch, and Voss.  Nemo groomed and tracked the south half of Bluebird, Osprey, Moose, Homestead, the south half of Wolf, Cabin, and Otter.

We met a few groups of people having fun in the new snow.

There could be more snow coming...  Plans are to groom early tomorrow if it comes.


All skating trails were groomed today.  Minimal new snow overnight.  Conditions are best on the west side from the Little Turtle Flowage parking lot.  Conditions on the east side from the Cabin are good once you get past the Sanitation Plant's timber harvest (basically just the Cabin Trail).  There are a couple wet spots on the trails that haven't quite frozen, yet.

2011.12.25 -- HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!

Trails were groomed Saturday morning.  About an inch of wet snow fell overnight.

We skied from the Cabin around the Homestead Trail...  It was slow going, but still a great time.  Conditions are OK.  They will definitely improve with a few more inches of snow to fill in the moguls and keep the groomer from occasionally hitting dirt.

Have a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!

2011.12.22 -- HAPPY WINTER !!!

The trails have been groomed.  Conditions are good in the woods, but rough in the openings, so be sure not to take your good skis, yet.

2011.12.15 -- TRAILS WORK

There's been some work done on the trails...  The snow has been rolled to help the ground beneath freeze faster and set a good base.  There were a few brave souls out skiing over the past weekend.

Unfortunately, we've been in the 40s a few times this week and have had a little rain.  There has been an inch-or-so of snow accumulation today.  The National Weather Service predicts the temperatures to fall, and there is a chance of snow this weekend.

2011.11.28 -- SNOW TEASE

The weather keeps teasing us...  We'll get four inches of snow, and it will melt.  Then, we'll get another four inches of snow, and it will melt.  They're predicting highs near 40° F a couple times this week.

2011.11.20 -- SNOW IS HERE ! ! !

We have snow ~4 inches of heavy wet stuff !  It probably won't stay because the forecast calls for temperatures in the upper 40s this week, but...