It's been almost a month since the last grooming.  We've had thaw and freeze and thaw and freeze and rain and snow and more rain.  There have been a few skaters when the ice softened up, but not many.  We hope you had fun on the trails this winter, and have a good year.

Thanks, again, for all the grooming, Gary.

2013.03.24 -- SKIED TODAY

Trails are holding up pretty well.  Could use some new snow to groom a good surface.  We skied the Flowage side this afternoon...  Bluebird and Osprey.  Had a good time.  Ran into a couple other skiers at the parking lot who were also having a good ski.  Get out there and enjoy it while you can!


Trail was groomed today for the weekend.  Weather is supposed to be great so get out and get some kms under the skis before the snow turns to green.

2013.03.19 -- GROOMING

Trail groomed up today after the snowfall of yesterday.  Great spring conditions but watch out in the open for major drifting from the windy conditions today.  Will regroom for the weekend.


Thanks to Chris and Dan for getting out and grooming the trail today.  It should be in excellent shape and perfect for Spring skiing.  So get out and enjoy it before its all gone.

2013.03.14 -- REGROOMED

Chris and Tim groomed the trail yesterday after the snowfall of Monday and Tuesday.  I've been told the trail is in excellent conditions.

2013.03.02 -- HAPPY MARCH

I read on the board in the Cabin that the trails were groomed yesterday.

2013.02.25 -- GROOMED AGAIN

Trail completely groomed this evening.  With the warm weather this will be the last grooming until the weekend.

2013.02.23 -- NEW GROOMING

Trail completely groomed this morning with the fresh snow.  Skating may be a little soft until next time but the classical track looked great.  The snow hanging in the trees is beatiful.  So all you Berkie skiers can do a nice relaxing cool down on Sunday.  Also just a note: We are having alot of people walking on the trail this winter.  Please help to educate them to the facts that only snowshoes or skis are allowed on the ski trail.

2013.02.16 -- GREAT CONDITIONS

Skied all the Classical trails today and they were in excellent condition after the grooming yesterday.  Notice many more people are classical skiing than skating.  The wolves are up on the trail again and probably marking territory.  Look for the tracks around Voss Lake and the back side of the Homestead.

2013.02.12 -- TRAIL CONDITIONS

Trail completely groomed today after being packed yesterday, so it should be good and firm.  Conditions don't get any better than this.


Trail System completely gromed this afternoon.  These last four snowfalls of three inches each has given us a beautifull base to ski on.  I can't believe how little use I see on the trails.  Those of you who are taking advantage of these conditions are getting a great lesson in solitude.  This is no longer the Winter that wasn't,  winter has arrived so get out there and enjoy it.

2013.02.02 -- HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!!

The most beautiful day for skiing yet this winter and the trails are empty!  Where is everybody?  I skied the whole Flowage side and only saw one other skier.  Bright, sunny, blues skies with some clouds, 12° at noon, and freshly groomed trails.  And I basically had them all to myself.

I don't think the groundhog is up, yet.  If it was, it would have seen its shadow, so it's supposed to be a long winter.  More time for skiiing!

2013.01.31 -- GROOMING

2" Fresh snow yesterday so went out and groomed the trail for the weekend today.  Trail looks to be in excellent condition so get out there and ski.

2013.01.28 -- GROOMED

Trail completely groomed today.  Most of the skating should firm up with sitting but without cold conditions it may stay soft until the next grooming before the weekend.  Track is in very good condition and firmed up well.  Get out and ski.

2013.01.25 -- GROOMED

Trail system completely groomed after the 6" snowfall we received over the last few days. Conditions should be Very Good over the weekend.  Skating may be a little soft until the next grooming but the track should hold up well, especially with the dusting of snow on Friday night.  Candle Light loop will be regroomed Saturday afternoon for the festivities on Saturday night.  See you there.  GWM

2013.01.20 -- GROOMED

Another inch-plus fell overnight, and the temperature went below zero, so Gary groomed the trails today.  We skied the Cabin side today...  The snow was much better, but it was thirty degrees colder than yesterday.  Bright and sunny.

2013.01.19 -- WET WOOL ON CONCRETE

Four inches of snow fell yesterday.  Today, the temperature went up to just above freezing.  I skied the Flowage side today; Bluebird and Osprey.  The conditions were like wet wool blankets on concrete...  It would stick to the bottom of my skies, and the tips of my poles would scratch along the frozen ground underneath the snow.  We'll need better conditions and more snow before anything can be done with the trails.


We had a couple days in the forties, with a little rain.  The weather has gone below freezing again.  We have a little, light snow drifting down from the skies.  It doesn't look like it will amount to anything, though.

2012.12.20 -- LET IT SNOW...

We have gotten about four inches of snow today.  Could get more overnight and tomorrow.  If we get enough, we might be able to ski next week.  As long as the world doesn't end tomorrow, that is.

2012.12.03 -- MELTING

Welcome to the new season of skiing!  I wish we had better news about the conditions...  A nice base had been starting to form just after Thanksgiving.  It had been rolled a bit to smash down the snow so the ground would get a chance to freeze.  Unfortunately, we've hit the 40s/50s the last couple days.  We had hoped to be skiing soon.