2014.03.30 -- CONDITIONS

It's been about a week since the last grooming.  It was up in the 50s today, so the trails were soft, wet, and slow.  They'll freeze overnight, so if you go early in the morning, they'll prob'ly frozen hard.

We don't plan to groom any more this season.  Thanks again to Gary for all the work he does keeping the trails up for us.

2014.03.25 -- GROOMED SATURDAY

I read on the whiteboard in the Cabin tonight that the trails had been groomed and tracked last Saturday.

The Osprey Loop along the Flowage and the Sanitation Field trail are closed.  The plan is that this coming weekend will be the last official grooming of the season.  The trails may get groomed after that, but don't count on it.

The Annual Season-End Pot Luck will be Sunday; Skiing at 2pm and Dinner at 4pm.  Come join us.

2014.02.23 -- WEEKEND REPORT

We skied Sunday afternoon.  It was cold and windy.  The sign in the cabin said the trails had been groomed Saturday, and they were still in great condition.  We skied the cabin side of the bridge, so we didn't get to see the Osprey Loop...  The part along the flowage is still snowed over.  A classic track is set through it.

2014.02.17 -- TRAILS GROOMED

Trail was groomed last night after the snow stopped. Everything shaped up great except Osprey along the woods/field edge. Because of excess drifting we are having a problem of leveling this part of the trail. There is a classical track through it but not possible to get a level skating base. NOTE: with the warm temps the next 3 day the trails will not get groomed again until it gets down to 10 degrees.

2014.02.14 -- TRAILS GROOMED

I've heard that the trails were groomed today.  I don't know about the open-side of the Osprey trail.  Hope to see you out there this weekend.

Thanks, Gary!

2014.02.04 -- TRAILS GROOMED

I've heard that all trails were groomed today.  Looks like they're predicting warmer temps for the weekend.

2014.02.02 -- THANKS, DAN!

The weather was warm enough today that Dan went out and groomed what he could this afternoon.  He mostly did the trails on the Cabin side, east of the bridge.  He went across the bridge to the Flowage side, but the snow was so drifted up over the trail in the open areas that he couldn't really do anything with drag attached to the sled.

It has been years since Dan groomed on the trails, so they aren't wonderful...  But they are a lot better than they were before he went out.  Thanks, again, Dan.

2014.02.01 -- NOT GROOMED

Due to circumstances beyond his control, our main groomer is unable to do so anytime soon.  Please bare with us.  Skaters will feel the brunt of the lack of grooming since there was a couple inches of snow this week that haven't been groomed out.  Striders will not have a set track but should still be able to have a good ski.

2014.01.24 -- ALL TRAILS GROOMED

All trails have been groomed for the weekend.  The Candle Light Ski is this Saturday...  Hope to see you there!

2014.01.20 -- ALL TRAILS GROOMED

The trails were groomed today in preparation for the Tuesday Night Ski on the MECCA Trails tomorrow.  Hope to see you there.

2014.01.18 -- TRAILS GROOMED

All trails were groomed last night.  There was a good amount of use on the trails today.  Should be good skiing through Monday's holiday.


The trails were groomed on Saturday.  We skied today and saw there had been a lot of traffic this weekend.  Mostly because the really-cold weather has gone for awhile.  It was almost 40° today!


All the skating trails were groomed today.

The temperature is forecast to go up to 30 this weekend!

2013.12.29 -- GROOMING

I have been informed that the skating trails are being groomed as I type this.  We skied yesterday on the Flowage side, and there had been a fair amount of traffic.


All trails were groomed and tracked last night.  We just got back from skiing...  Conditions are great, even if the weather was a bit cold and breezy.  Bright sun and clear skies.

2013.12.21 -- HAPPY SOLSTICE

Cheer up!  Days start getting longer now!

Trails were groomed on Thursday in prep for the weekend.  Get out there and ski!

2013.12.13 -- FRIDAY THE 13TH

Friday the 13th is lucky this month...  The MECCA trails are groomed and ready to go!  Overall conditions are good with areas of fair:  Still some wavy spots, but everything is snow covered.  All trails were groomed on Thursday.  The Cabin will be open over the weekend.

2013.12.03 -- ROLLED

There was about five or six inches of snow, so Kelly went out an rolled most of the trails tonight.  Rolling out the new snow will help the trails freeze faster.  If the snow doesn't melt, it will be the start of a good base.