2015.03.11 Season continues

On our Tuesday night ski we were at MECCA this week, and what a great evening it was. With the warm temps the trail has thawed all the way to the ground in places and we were sinking in 3-4 inches down in the track. It is spring conditions out there so be careful in the morning after it has froze at night, it will be icy. We doubt if conditions will get to were we will be able to groom the trail again this year, but as long as the base lasts it is great in the woods.

2015.03.04 Trail Report

Grooming was completed this morning and the trails are in great shape. It looks like the weather is going to moderate for the next few weeks so we should have great spring skiing this year. Cancel your plans for a vacation in the south and come and ski or snowshoe MECCA over the next few weekends and you will not be disappointed. Check out room availability with the Mercer Area Chamber of Commerce. See you on the trail.

2015.02.23 Information

Tuesday's group ski will be at MECCA this week. We will meet at the chalet at 6:00PM and ski for a little over an hour. Some of us classical ski and some of us skate. There is something for everyone and then we go out for libations and grub afterwards. Snowshoer's are welcome to and could probably complete the Klondike Loop while others ski. The more people the merrier. Bring your friends and a headlight. Temps are suppose to be milder.

2015.02.20 Trail Report

Grooming for the weekend is complete, even with the wind this afternoon.  We will try to get out and take care of additional drifting in the open on Saturday.  Get out and enjoy this snow it won't be long and you will have to take your spare time to rake and do yard work.

2015.02.12 Trail Conditions

All the trails were groomed yesterday for the Presidents weekend. Although the temps are a little low it should be excellent skiing in the woods.

2015.02.06 Trail Conditions

Groomed the Homestead and Spruce Hills yesterday evening. If you are looking for great classical skiing try them out this weekend, they look beautiful. The sunset was one for the record books. Maps should be up on the new snowshoe loop by the end of the weekend. Get out and let us know what you think about it.

2015.01.31 Candlelight

Trails have been groomed in preparation for the Candlelight Ski tonight. Conditions are excellent so expect to see everyone for some brats and chile after a lantern lite ski/snowshoe around the 1 mile loop. See you round the bonfire.

2015.01.28 Trail Report

Okay this is what's happening. First of all the trails are groomed up and in great shape, even without having any new snow. Thank Father winter for the mild temps so the snow we have has not turned to washboard. Thanks to everyone who got out there on the machines.
Next, don't forget this is the weekend for the annual candlelight ski/snowshoe outing. The weather is going to be great so we expect to see a lot of people there enjoying themselves. Bring yourself, bring your kids, bring your neighbors and friends. You won't be disappointed.

2015.01.19 -- TEST

Testing the conditions updating login.

2015.01.16 -- WARM WEEKEND

The trails were groomed Friday for the weekend.  The weather report forecasts a warm spell for the next few days.  Trail conditions can change quickly from the forested areas to the open fields, especially if the sun comes out.  Otherwise, have fun!

2015.01.10 Trail Report

Just finished grooming after the snow of last week. Trails look great so get out and enjoy it with these rising temps. Don't forget about the candlelight ski at the end of the month. Tell your friends.

2015.01.04 Trail Report

Trails are all groomed up. Classical was groomed on Saturday evening and should be very firm under the 2" of new snow. rest of the trail was done Sunday morning and should set up good in the woods, but the open areas will get drifted in fast. Watch out for the cold temps and high winds. Cover exposed skin.

2015.01.01 -- HAPPY NEW YEAR

We skied today.  Temps near 20°.  A bit windy and therefore cold in the open areas.  There was a little snow overnight.  We had great glide.

Have a Happy New Year, and a great ski-season!

2014.12.30 Happy New Year

Just finished grooming all the main trails and they are in the best shape this year. Skating should be very firm, with cold weather the track will be solid. The sunsets the last few days have been awesome so plan your ski for later in the day to take it in. Chalet doesn't close until 6:00.
By the way someone is walking on the trail again from the Little Turtle end. If anyone sees these people let them know they will get a fine when they are found.

Happy New Year to all!

2014.12.27 Fresh Snow

6" more snow last night and with the grooming yesterday and the regrooming again today the trail is in excellent condition for the rest of the weekend. Looks as if someone was on the snowshoe trail today, so it is tracked. Get out and enjoy it before the cold weather comes in on Tuesday.


Been out grooming your trail and it is in much better shape then I expected.  Get out and ski, if we get the snow they say in the next 24 hours we will groom it again and it will never be better than that.  See you on the trail!

2014.12.23 -- TRAIL REPORT

It looks like Father Winter has come through with some snow for the trail. The only problem is the with the high moisture content of the snow we can't groom until the temps drop to dry it out a little. Bare with us and we will groom it up and have it skiable as soon as the temps drop. By the looks of the forecast it will be by the weekend. See You All Then! Happy Holiday

2014.12.17 -- TRAIL REPORT

Was out today trying to make something out of what was left over after the big thaw over the weekend. Was able to level off most of the trail and hopefully the swamps will freeze up again after tonight and tomorrow night's temps. We need a good snowfall before anything else can be done on the trail. It is skiable but be careful out in the open or in the swamps. Come on Father Winter, we need some snow!

2014.11.11 -- NEW GATOR

The new Gator arrived.  Thank you to everybody who donated towards its purchase.  It's already out on the trails rolling the foot+ snow we've gotten...

Just a reminder...  Trails don't officially open until sometime in December.

2014.10.31 -- HALLOWEEN TRICK

We received our first snow Halloween Eve to Halloween morning...

About six inches fell, but it prob'ly won't stay long.