2016.03.07 -- ALMOST DONE

The weather has turned warm and the season is almost officially over.  We've been up in the 50s a few times, with a forecast of rain and 60s later this week.  The cabin will be open for any hearty souls wishing to use it this week, but will be closed after the weekend.  We hope you had a good season.

2016.03.01 -- LEAP DAY GROOMING

Trails were all groomed and track set on "Leap Day” 2016. Warm temperatures on the weekend have iced the base, minimal new snow has compromised track setting ability.
all trails are skiable. But ski with caution. Enjoy your last few skis of this winter.


The trail was groomed and tracked on Thursday while the temps were down and It came out very good. The new attachment to regrind the track worked as advertised and we have a great track reset to try and make it through this weekends thaw. Perfect spring conditions, so break out the sun screen and enjoy some sunshine on Saturday. Looks like we have some snow coming after the weekend to make the skiing even better next week. One note: It is very critical with these warm temps that no one walks on the trail. If you see someone please let them know they are ruining it for everyone else

2016.02.22 -- SKI REPORT

We skied all the Voss Lake trails this evening and were surprised how well the track was. The little dusting of snow gave us plenty of kick and has held up great. Look for the otter out on the flowage. They have a few holes they have kept open and we could see them out there all evening. This time of year take advantage of each day because it can change so fast. They are calling for 35 and mixed rain on Tuesday. Oh well, we play it day to day. See you out there.


2016.02.17 -- TRAIL CONDITIONS

Groomed the complete trail after that little surprise snow fall on Monday night.  Letting it sit for a day really helped to get it to adhere to the base so the grooming this evening produced a very good skiable surface.  Hopefully the rain that is forecast will not be as bad as they say and it will hold up thru this thaw cycle.  With the cold temps tonight the surface should set up firm and fast for anyone getting out there early in the morning before the temps rise.  Have fun. You may see me out there.


It's Friday and we completed the grooming on the trail. With the wind blowing watch out for drifted snow in the open fields but the woods areas should be in excellent sking conditions. Be aware of the wind chill before heading out.

2016.02.10 -- UPDATE

Seems like the storm system is finally past us.  Skied on Spruce hill and the Wolf loop last night and had very good conditions overall.  With snow over and not a lot of additional snow we will regroom on Friday for the long weekend.  The west side of the bridge was groomed on Monday and will be a little soft.  Expect drifted snow in the open, but the Voss Lake loops should be good skiing.  East side of the bridge was groomed on Tuesday again and is firmer, but still look out for open area drifting.


Trail was in great shape after finishing grooming, but with the continued snowing and blowing it may drift back in. Depending on conditions after this storm we will make a decision whether to groom again right away or wait until Friday to regroom for the long weekend. Be careful with the wind chills, but get out and ski.


Okay folks, it's all groomed up for the weekend and I can't think of any excuses for not skiing. If you get out and get a bunch a K under your belt by Sunday afternoon you won't feel bad about laying on the couch for the Super Bowl. Trails are in excellent condition so get out and thrash em.

2016.02.03 -- WINTER STORM KAYLA

Just finished grooming up winter storm Kayla and it don't get much better. Will firm up more on the next grooming on Friday but it looks excellent right now. I couldn't believe no one was out on the trail the 5 hours we were grooming, not everyone has left to warmer climates I hope. See you on the trail.

2016.01.29 -- CANDLIGHT

The trail has had its Friday manicure and looks great. See everyone out there on Saturday evening for the Annual Candlight Ski Shoe at 6:00-9:00PM. The weather is going to be balmy so I expect to see a lot of people there. Tell your friends. Better still bring your friends. Where else can you have so much fun for FREE?  Follow the signs and ice candles across from Dollar General to the Chalet and enjoy an evening with us.


Just finished grooming for the weekend. All the trails with new tracks set and skating lanes all combed out and set up great. With this great weather get out there and enjoy it before the NOAA forecasts more drama weather. Those of you who didn't ski or snowshoe last weekend because of the cold missed a couple of beautiful days. Don't forget the Candlite Ski next Saturday, hope to see everyone there.

2016.01.18 -- GREAT TRAILS

All the skating trails were groomed today, and the classic track was set on all trails except the Homestead.  Trails are in great shape!

2016.01.16 -- GREAT SKIING

Grooming was completed last night on the trail after a very unexpected 6" of new snow. With the cold temp the skating should be great. Ran into a skier while grooming and he and his dog where not sinking in at all on the new surface. The classical track is as good as it will ever be so bundle up and get out on the trails.

2016.01.09 -- CONDITIONS

All trails were groomed today, and are in very good conditions. Be careful  with the swamp crossing on the Homestead. It will be rough until it freezes up. Tuesday nights ski is at MECCA at 6:00PM dress warm and see you there.

2016.01.01 -- WELCOME NEW YEAR

We were out on the trails today and combed all the surfaces. We also ran the swamp crossings to try to get them to freeze down. Without snow we will not be able to set a track. Everyone needs to go make a run around the cabin and shout to Henke Lunta to bring us some snow so we can groom up the trails to give everyone a great experience on the MECCA trails. See you out there.


We woke up to snow this morning.

We just received an email from one of our volunteer groomers...  All trails except for "Homestead" have been groomed as of 9am.  His text message says the "skating lane is good in the woods, use caution on bog crossings, maybe still wet, take scraper to get frozen slush off."

Not that the forecast is reliable, but more of this wonderful white stuff is in the forecast Saturday and Tuesday.

2015.12.23 -- CONDITIONS

Well, conditions aren't good.  We had a few inches of snow, but it's been warm, and we've gotten rain all day.  It looks to be warm for a couple days, then get below freezing with chances of 1-3 inches of snow every couple days.

We did have a wonderful Winter Solstice Pot-Luck last night.  There were about twenty members in attendance.  With the lack of snow, we hiked the one-mile Candlelight Ski loop.  The dogs had big fun racing up-and-down the trails.  Thanks to all the great cooks who provided wonderful cuisine!