To get to the Cabin Trailhead, take US Highway 51 to Beachway Drive (across the highway from the new Dollar General store).  Beachway Drive will lead to Mercer Lake Circle, and then to Fierick Road...  Continue south, following the signs.

To get to the Little Turtle Trailhead, take US Highway 51 to County Trunk Highway FF (about one mile north of Mercer).  Take FF west about one mile to Popko's Circle East.  Take Popko's Circle East south almost two miles to Joe's Shack Road.  Take Joe's Shack Road east to the Little Turtle Waterfowl Management Area.

There are maps and additional information at both trailheads.

For those using a GPS to navigate to the trailheads:
-- The main Cabin is located at 4686N Fierick Rd...
-- -- N46.1472 W90.0549
-- The Little Turtle Flowage Trailhead is located off Joe's Shack Rd...
-- -- N46.1449 W90.0923